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Previous Contests

Celebrate With World Water Day Contest

This contest required entrants to submit their most useful water saving tip - and we got so many! The winners won a Brita Space Saver, a year’s supply of filters and a reusable water bottle!

Winning Entries:

Cory Coleman: “Eggs release nutrients when you boil them. Use the water - once it's cooled to room temperature - for watering houseplants, they will like the extra nutrients.”

Debbie Haentjens: “When we drain our rain barrel in the fall, we collect the water, store it in jugs outdoors and use it throughout the winter to water our indoor plants.”

Carolyn Mackie: “Try to eat more meat-free meals. The meat industry is one of the biggest end consumers of water and one of the worst polluters of it. Try going meatless a couple suppers per week!”

Richard Shaw: “Put a brick in your toilet tank. It reduces the amount of water you use per flush.”

Leah Vininsky-Oakes: “Always keep some water in the fridge. That way you don't have to waste water running the tap until it gets cold to drink your water.”

Thanks to all our contest entrants for the great tips!

brita filter contest

Great Drives, Great Places Contest

This contest encouraged entrants to take a scenic drive, escape for a romantic getaway, plan a fun family picnic or visit one of the many attractions situated around the Lake. Our Itineraries help you plan the perfect morning, noon or evening around the watershed.

The prize was a brand new Apple iPad!

Congratulations to Judy van Ryn!

great drives great places contest winner

Winning Entry:

“I love Orillia. It has so many wonderful places such as the opera house, farmers' market, library, Mariposa store, Museums of Arts and History and Stephen Leacock. It is in the heart of Ontario lake country and has Casino Rama for people who wish to either gamble or be entertained by artists.”

Great Picnic Contest

This sizzling 2009 summer promotion was all about finding ways to enjoy and celebrate Lake Simcoe and its Watershed. The public was invited to share their best picnic ideas, locations, recipes, games and activities - and photos too! We love photos!

Entries were voted on by the public and the submissions with the most votes won some amazing prizes! There were 3 prizes to be won. The grand prize being a catered picnic for twenty! With food, games and even a professional photographer to capture every moment!

Check out the official winners below. Congratulations goes to…

great picnic contest winners

Winning Entry:

Nothing beats a picnic out on the waters of Lake Simcoe. The lake air whets the appetite and our friends and family have a choice of where to anchor and enjoy the picnic. Sometimes it's a quiet cove, often it's a beach where everyone can go for a swim before we eat. On occasion we anchor between islands with many other boats and have an impromptu party. The food? It doesn't matter really as long as there is lots of it. Everything tastes good out on the water. Who wouldn't want to live here?

My family and my husband's family have cottaged, boated and lived on Lake Simcoe for the past 40 years. We love it all, from sunrise at the dock over a cup of hot coffee, to a glass of wine in a lawn chair watching the sunset. The lake water has seeped into our blood long ago and we would live nowhere else in Ontario. We appreciate the blessings the lake has given us and we give back to it by protecting it every way we can and instilling that respect and love in the next generation.