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Welcome to Lake Simcoe Projects

Here you will find a compilation of stewardship projects to help Lake Simcoe by government, organizations, and individuals working together. Whether you want to monitor the status of projects you're personally involved in, learn more about other initiatives underway in the Lake Simcoe watershed, or find some inspiration or information to get involved yourself, you have come to the right place!

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What you see here is the public face of a stewardship tracking system developed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources that allows organizations to manage stewardship projects in a standardized way. The system also allows key data to be seen by everyone. This efficient and transparent stewardship project infrastructure has been made possible by funding from the federal Lake Simcoe Clean Up Fund, and many of the projects you see have been funded by LSCUF as well. Over 1000 projects have been completed to help Lake Simcoe since the Lake Simcoe Proection Plan was implemented.

The Lake Simcoe Stewardship Guide is now ready for download

Project Icons

Due to privacy laws, some projects are not specifically located within their subwatershed, and they are identified by type with an icon rather than with photographs. See the icons that identify project types below.

Looking for Funding for your Project?

Are you thinking of a stewardship project? Are you seeking funding? Here is a list of potential funders assembled by the Lake Simcoe Stewardship Network.


The purpose of this online database is to strengthen stewardship on Lake Simcoe to build on all the key priority areas in the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan.

  • Restoring the health of aquatic life
  • Improving water quality, including reducing loadings of phosphorus to the lake
  • Maintaining water quantity
  • Improving the health of the ecosystem by protecting and rehabilitating important areas such as shorelines and natural heritage
  • Addressing impacts of invasive species, climate change and recreational activities

Being a community-driven database for the Lake Simcoe watershed community, it will also enhance accountability, provide ongoing traction to ensure that projects are completed and meet their goals, and create a community-friendly knowledge exchange that is vital for the ongoing environmental shift required in this watershed.

For more information on the Lake Simcoe Clean-Up Fund, click here.
For more information on the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan, click here.

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The information on projects in this database come from two sources: (a)The recipients of the federal Lake Simcoe Clean Up Funding (LSCUF) submitted their own project information (identified by name.) and (b) The source of all other project information (identified by number) comes from the Ministry of Natural Resources.
Copyright: Queen's Printer for Ontario, 2012